About MyKeyworder

I started developing MyKeyworder in 2010 in an attempt to combine my love of photography with my desire to learn to code with my interest in machine learning in a hope to make keywording less time-consuming. The project was originally called "ShutterChance" after a Japanese teenager who approached me to take her picture. At the time I was already thinking about making the web application but then it dawned on me that keywording must be even harder if English is the dominant language through which internet-based image searches are performed but the image creators didn't speak English well. In fact, even while creating this tool for photographers, I have had many people contact me saying that they find the tool useful as a means of acquiring knowledge of the English language. Over the years, as technology has improved, I have re-written the tool over and over. Those who have been using the tools since the beginning will have seen at least four major User Interface changes based on their feedback as well as experimentation with lots of additional features like grammar highlighting, auto-suggest and others - many of which have to be either partially or fully re-written as software capabilities improve over time. I always welcome feedback, although I can't promise I can implement them all as this is just a side project for me - but still one I hope helps the creative community as a whole. If you really like the tool and would like to support it, please consider donating. It helps pay for fees such as web hosting, domain registration and my donations to other services used behind the scenes.

Shutterstock Optimizer

15 Jan 2019: I finally got a chance to re-write part of the tool that needed some enhancing. The Shutterstock Optimizer enables you to analyze your Shutterstock portfolio - specifically how many keywords you added when you originally submitted the image. If you are like me, and have been submitting for years, then the earlier images tend not to have very good keywords. Now you can see quickly which images have less than an ideal number of keywords and then easily do something about it.

MyKeyworder Image Recognition

8 Jan 2017: The image recognition service moved into production today. This tool offers people the ability to generate keywords directly from images by using trained models to identify the contents of images. The service offers the ability to generate keywords from images stored on the web - either one-by-one or programmatically using an API - or by uploading images to MyKeyworder.

MyKeyworder for Lightroom goes live

5 Nov 2016: After several years of crowdfunding from visitors to MyKeyworder, I finally found someone who shared by passion for photography and my desire to make keywording within Lightroom easier. Over the last few months Rasmus and I have been creating MyKeyworder for Lightroom to bring the power of MyKeyworder as a plugin for Lightroom users and today I can announce that the first version of the plugin is live for our visitors to download and use. Try it out. We hope you find it as useful as we do.

New Site Design

27 Sep 2016: It felt like time for an upgrade of the entire site to make use of new technologies that would enable both the lightroom plugin and the website itself to perform faster.

Find the top Creatives for the images you need

22 Feb 2014: How do you find a photographer/artist/designer who produces consistently good images in styles that you like? Until now, that was a time-consuming question to answer - it is often the case that although a photographer has created one image that fits your needs, that is the only one in that style. So what if you know you will need similar images in consistent styles? You can find the answer quickly and easily with "Find Creatives".