Privacy Statement

MyKeyworder purposefully stores very little information about you. We use cookies only to manage the login. We store only the email you provide as a username.

If you choose to analyze your Shutterstock portfolio, we associate the Shutterstock membership ID you provide with your login email. We store the reference numbers of the images in your portfolio in order to provide you with the ability to track which images you have optimized. You have the ability to delete your portfolio from our servers.

If you choose to use the Wordpress plugin, we store no data about you as a visitor, how you use the service or the contents of the blog data passed to us for analysis.

If you use the Lightroom plugin, we store the email address you used to make any donations as well as the MAC address of you computer in order to associate usage to you and provide prompts if you have consumed your donated balance that we put towards auto-tagging costs.

We do not share any of this data with third parties.

If you wish for your data to be deleted from MyKeyworder, please open a support ticket.

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